11 and 12

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11 » Sometimes, I honestly cannot remember what life like was before you stepped in. It’s like a dream, one day I woke up and we became twitter friends and this good thing continued on and on and and sometimes I don’t know if it’s still a dream.

We don’t know each other for long, but I feel such an inexplicable attachment to you - it’s our personalities, the disquiets in our hearts and the yearning for a “something” that makes us understand each other. Yes, it might have been a 机会 and maybe a 巧合 working together at the same time to put us in the right place at the right time, but what we have is indeed a 缘分. And I will always be reminded of that because this thing we have, it’s too good to be true for me to believe sometimes.

We might be quite far apart in age, but I think your maturity and my childishness closes the gap. But sometimes when I see you fretting over your future and school life, I remember that you’re actually still young and I just want to tell you that it will come together and be okay, you don’t have to push yourself so hard and not give yourself a treat. Life will be okay and make itself work.

I think the part that surprised me most about you is how open you were about your family and yourself, because it really let me put my guard down around you. And you’re the one who really puts me at ease. I’m always very wary of being vulnerable to people I just met, but with you it was just natural, and I think perhaps it’s the same sort of affection that we want to give each other that makes things easier.

When two people want to walk in the same rhythm and pace, it really becomes easier to journey together, no matter how long the distance. And I hope that if either of us ever slows down or quickens, both of us will not hesitate to accommodate.

12 » You. Despite knowing you for years, I still find myself reeling back to make sure I’m careful of what I say and how I word things, because words are so important to you. (Not that actions don’t matter, they do.) And despite knowing you for years, you are someone who still remains quite elusive to me. But the one thing I’m so sure of is your stubbornness but that’s also only because you’re so fucking sure of what you want and what you don’t, what you can achieve and what you can’t. And it is that quality, that cocksure quality that you have that makes me so fascinated (for a lack of a better word). You don’t ask for much, or for many complicated things from people - but you are 500% sure of what you’re asking of, and who you’re asking it from. And you keep to yourself, or at least only let that select few people see into you. It frustrates me, because I hope for people I care about to be happy and okay and I want to, if I can to make things okay. I used to be like, does she not understand I care, or does she not trust me? But over the years, I’ve learn that different people respond differently and as long as you’re okay, it’s okay.

While I still am curious to want to know everything about you and to basically mother you when you’re not feeling okay, I’m aware of where I stand and I’m good with what we have. I dare not say that we are crazy close or know your secrets, but I am glad to have seen you through these years.

And L is right, you do make people want to fall at your feet. That was me when I first knew you years ago and I still think that is me at the present moment. There’s just something about you. ;)


I really hesitate to talk about the both of you as if you were a collective (cos you’re your own person), yet I find that it’s the relationship that you guys have that also defines you both in such a way. And isn’t it funny that the both of you picked numbers that are back to back? Maybe you discussed it, idk, but it’s these supposedly insignificant, tiny serendipitous moments that you both have that make me so amused. What you have is yours and special, and no one can take it away.

Posted 11 2 2013

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