"I’m going to Seoul at the end of the month."
만나서? 하지만 밤에만.”
"Your Korean sucks."
"I try, asshole. Okay?"
"Okay. Tell me why you’re texting me at 330am when we meet."

I don’t think I expected a reply at 430am KST, but it was not unsurprising. Maybe it’s a whinge of guilt but I slipped my phone back under our pillow and I went back to staring at the back of your head. And for a moment, despite being mere inches away, it felt like a gulf between us. I threw my hand over your torso and pulled myself closer into your back for a bit of warmth. I was sure we’re something, but I know we’re not anything either.

Posted 12 1 2013

#parallel #人生如戏 

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